Act Now, Patronize Organic Farming

Organic is very beneficial in our health and to our mother earth. Plants are the primary source of living of every either species, the plants, animals, or human in our mother, Earth. But, as the generation upgraded, our local industry has also been changed. The truth is most of us patronize fertilizers, growth hormones, flowering inducing chemicals, feeds, anti-bacterial, pesticides, and any product produced by science. But, have you done browsing books or any references that mentioned the cause of using this innovative science experiments? Do you know how this affects our mother earth and of course, to our health? Maybe we are, or we don’t.
As far as I know we are all aware of Global Warming, one of the main reason for these is people nowadays patronize instant. Instant money, instant food, instant growth, and an instant result that’s what we prefer, I’m I, right? But as what they say it’s not too late, we still have time to give ourselves a hope to start and make something for ourselves and for the future.
Organic farming is one of the best solutions that have been suggested for many years. This gives too much benefit, like reducing soil pollution, water pollution, and air population. Organic farming is avoiding the use of any synthetic materials, chemicals, fertilizer, growth hormones, feeds, etc. that could destroy or affect the Mother Earth.
Organic farming, as to mention, has benefits, one of this is it serves as maintenance to protect our environment. How is this possible? In many Agricultural types of research, using organic materials for farming avoids too much dehydration of the plant from nutrients. This is also beneficial to avoid erosions during rainy days and decrease the level of pollution.
Now, you know the reason why we need to patronize organic farming. This looks like a little help, but if everybody cooperates and would help us to what we are aiming, this could be big, more than what we are expecting. Since I came from an Agricultural school, we were oriented on how to take of our mother earth and what I’m doing right now is sharing it with you. So, why not try to share this with others?