Herbs & Tinctures

Our plants are grown on our Soil Association certified organic holding at Cartmel in Cumbria.

The Organic tinctures are made fresh on site immediately after picking, when the plants are in full bloom, thus capturing the whole of the life force. We use organic alcohol and local spring mineral water. The tinctures are made to British Herbal Pharmacopoeia formulas.

The tincture is made and stored in glass jars until ready for bottling. Home-grown and on-Farm processing reduces environmental impact, pollution and costs.

This enables us to offer our superior quality tinctures at a competitive price. We hope you find our product as excellent as we intend it to be and will use it for many years to come.

Visiting the Lake District? Howbarrow is part of the Organic Open Farms Network. Visit and see for yourself how organic farming works to ensure a healthy quality of life for everyone.

The Echinacea tincture was awarded best organic product at the Northern Health show, 2002.

Tinctures and their uses

Echinacea or Purple cone flower

Stunning pink flowers, a native of North America.

Undoubtedly one of the most widely used medicinal plants. Builds up and maintains a healthy immune system which helps the body fight against infection. It has antiseptic and antiviral properties, which makes it commonly used for fighting colds, flu, sore throats, infections and allergies.

Hypericum or St John’s Wort

A native shrub with vivid yellow flowers.

Traditional remedy for depression, works as a relaxant affecting neurotransmitters in the brain. Also stimulants the immune system and fights viral infections.

Crataegus or Hawthorn

A spiny tree or shrub commonly seen in English hedgerows.

This herb improves the circulation of the heart helping it to work more efficiently, thus reducing blood pressure.

Melissa or Lemon Balm

Bushy herb with small white flowers, when touched gives off a lemony smell.

A calming herb for both nervous and digestive tension, particularly in children and when fevers occur during colds and flu.

Scutellaria or Skull Cap

A small native shrub with bright blue flowers

Traditionally used in cases of disturbed sleep, nervous stress, migrain headaches and PMT. A useful herb for workaholics inclined to work too many hours resulting in stress. The herb may also be of value in cases of depression.

Trifolium or Red Clover

Grows in meadows, a tri-leaved plant with red ball like flowers.

A gentle herb used for soothing nerves, ulcers and eczema. Good for healing coughs and bronchitis. It is also a popular herb for women experiencing discomfort associated with the menopause.

Organic Oils – not to be taken internally

Calendula officinalis a member of the Marigold family.

Bright orange flowers.

A good astringent, excellent for soothing and healing cuts and bruises. Antifungal and detoxifying.

Symphytum or Comfrey

Bushy plant with hairy leaves and pale purple and white bell like flowers.

Historically known as ‘knit bone’ because it’s ability to promote the healing of bruises, sprains and fractures has been known for thousands of years.

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